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"Our courthouse experience allows for timely

and accurate title information"


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"Founded to honor the men and women who started this industry and continue to foster it. "




Thomas Lonero, a Landman who grew up in the Pittsburgh, PA area founded Drake in 2005 after already being in the business since 1996. Since then, Drake has performed duties all throughout the Appalachain Basin.


Knowing the area, the people, the local etiquette and politics puts Drake in the unique position that not many companies can offer. We can help your company manuever the obsticles and sometimes even go right through them!





We believe in being fair and honest with the Landowner. We know that in keeping with that simple philosophy we can bridge long standing relationships between the Landowners and our clients. If we are to build our future, we first need to build yours.  We utilize current technology and programs to help create a smooth work flow from one aspect of the project to another.





Out in the field, we are as competitive as they come. We strongly believe in going after a prospect area vigorously. We work hard with our clients to gain an advantage so that we can pass that advantage onto the Landowner. Our fees to our clients are competitive and the payments we make to the Landowners are fair and balanced.





Since around 2006, as most people know, the Marcellus Shale has become one of the most prolific Gas plays in the world. Add to that, the Utica Shale, with its strong show of wet gas and you have one of the greatest energy plays we've ever seen.


Drake is in a unique position because of its local ties, as well as it's strong level of experience and commitment, to give any company it's best bang for the buck. We believe we can out-perform in every area and strongly believe we can save you money through a better work-flow.

Somerset County PA
"Building America's independence from foreign gas and oil .......  one well at a time"
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